Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

Streak Free Windows and Mirrors
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I have been using this simple and inexpensive solution to clean my windows and mirrors and it leaves them streak free!!!

You’ll need:
A 1 gallon bucket
Ammonia (mine came from Dollar Tree)
1 Table spoon
Old cotton-shirt
Squeegee (mine came from IKEA)


Put 2 tablespoons of Ammonia into the 1 gallon bucket bucket.

Fill the 1 gallon bucket with water all the way up.
(If you need less – then 1 tablespoon Ammonia with 1/2 bucket water).

streak free windows and mirrors, home decor

The above and below pictures are of my bathroom mirror. I took a picture with the lights on and off trying to show how streaky the mirror was. My husband used Windex and a paper towels – this is what it left behind.

  • streak free windows and mirrors, home decor
This mirror is big so cleaned 1/3 of it at a time.
  • streak free windows and mirrors, home decor
Put your wash cloth in the bucket of solution and squeeze it out. Wash your mirror or window.
  • streak free windows and mirrors, home decor
Use your squeegee to slide top to bottom.
  • streak free windows and mirrors, home decor
Wipe the squeegee with the cotton shirt. Also wipe up the drips at the bottom of your mirror/window with the shirt as well.
Continue until all your mirror/windows are done.

  • streak free windows and mirrors, home decor
It looks so much better and my arm isn’t exhausted from rubbing so hard.
  • streak free windows and mirrors, home decor
It’s inexpensive and easy, hope you’ll give it a try too 🙂

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