Top 3 Home Trends of 2023 That You Need to Know

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Are you looking for some home trends? Here are the top 3 home trends of this year that you’ll need to know.

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Trends are generally easy to follow as they are something that a lot of people are doing. However, sometimes you can miss a trend altogether due to the fact that the world today is so fast-paced and ever-changing. Here are 3 home trends of 2023 that you could consider implementing.

Are you looking for some home trends? Here are the top 3 home trends of this year that you'll need to know.

Top 3 Home Trends

#1 Self-sufficiency and renewable energy upgrades

Due to many reasons such as the price of energy from the grid, and the impact that we all have on the environment, a trend that has been growing traction for many years is how we can create and use renewable energy. Perhaps the most common, and well-known way of doing this is by using solar panels in your home to capture the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity. This electricity that you capture can then either be used directly to power your home or stored in a bank of batteries to be used at a later date. If you don’t want to store the energy you can simply sell it back to the grid and make some money. There are many professional companies such as Texas Solar Professional who have all the skills and knowledge required to install and maintain these renewable energy systems if that is something you are looking into.

#2 Natural and eco-friendly gardens

People are now starting to realize the benefits of natural gardens that have a large and diverse ecosystem living within them. Not only are you benefiting the local wildlife by choosing this style of garden, but it is also positively impacting the environment. The main thing that used to put people off having a more natural garden is the stigma attached to it and that they are “untidy”, but in fact, if you put enough time into your garden (as with anything) they can be just as tidy as more “modern-looking” gardens and most would argue even prettier. If gardening or planning how to set your garden up isn’t your thing but this is something you are interested in, then there are plenty of people and gardeners who will have the skills and knowledge to help you.

#3 Open and minimalistic living spaces

If you have been wondering how to renovate or decorate your home, then something you might consider is opting for an open and minimalistic living space. You don’t need to do this to your whole property, you could for example just start with one room, see how you like it, and then if it fits with your personal preference of aesthetic, then maybe apply it to the rest of your home. The great thing about this home trend is that it helps reduce the amount of visible clutter, it opens up your home making it feel larger and the layout of this style even makes cleaning easier. There are many professional interior designers that you could contact if this is something you struggle with envisioning.

Home Trends Conclusion

There are of course many other trends that you can implement in your home, but first why not consider one of these?

Design Trends & Home Design to consider when looking at your home in the new year.

  • Bathrooms – update your powder room, vanities, hardware
  • Living Room – add a new sofa and home decor, rugs, add warmth with natural elements
  • Floors and counters – marble, tile, quartz
  • Texture – use wallpaper, bright color, or neutrals, pick your color palette well as you have to live with it for a while.  Clean lines are in.
  • Dining room – add fabric drapes, update upholstery
  • Home office – update your accessories and furnishings
  • Consider sustainability
  • Natural materials include wood, cane, rattan, greenery, etc

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Are you looking for some home trends? Here are the top 3 home trends of this year that you'll need to know.

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