6 Ways To Update Small Powder Rooms

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Do you have a bathroom or powder room you’re ready to update? I’m sharing 6 ways to update small powder rooms and bathrooms.

Updating a small bathroom or tiny powder room can be one of the biggest jobs that you do in your home. Not only is it expensive but it is a job that can be difficult to undo once it is done. Here are some ways you can upgrade your small bathroom or powder room design that won’t cost a fortune.

Do you have a bathroom or powder room you're ready to update? I'm sharing 6 ways to update small powder rooms and bathrooms.

Here are 6 small powder room updates for you

1. Get an old bathroom

As people begin to understand how amazing upcycling can be, even more people are falling in love with the decor of the past. This includes the old-style bathroom suites. People are hunting through flea markets for those vintage items that can’t be bought anymore. Often eBay is the perfect place to find such vintage pieces. Some of these old bathroom sets are in amazing condition and it’s a shame to see them discarded. So, if you have a smaller space, why not get your hands on a classic art deco sink or a pink toilet if your bathroom needs a change. These are the sort of items that can make a big statement in what is otherwise a utilitarian space.

Need a new light fixture? Check out this very inexpensive way you can update a Bathroom Vanity Light

Sometimes we just don’t have a ton of money to work with and need a low-cost bathroom update. This is when checking out thrift stores can be a great option and you can find new items to update your bathroom.

2. Flooring

What is on your bathroom floor right now? If you are lucky, you will have something waterproof such as floor tile. But if your tile floor is looking a bit worn, or you have something that will absorb moisture, you might want to change it. Carpet is a definite no-no in the bathroom. Wooden floors look great but can get ruined if not treated properly. Bathrooms are a great place to use luxury vinyl plank colors . This way you get the wood floor look without the maintenance. If you decide to use tile, keep in mind that larger tiles require fewer grout lines which can make small rooms feel bigger. Whatever option you choose, just make sure that it is waterproof to protect the floor joists underneath from moisture and dampness.

3. Storage

Bathroom storage has come a long way from the humble bathroom cabinet. However, some of the options available can be bulky and take over the bathroom. What you need for a small space is something that will blend in with the walls and make it seem like it’s invisible. Under sink storage is a great solution as you don’t need to have it fitted permanently, it can just slot underneath. If you do find that you have a lot of stuff in the bathroom, you might need to clear out a shelf or drawer in your bedroom for additional storage space. Most importantly, don’t buy any more supplies until you have used the supplies you have.

4. Under pressure

How does your shower work? This is an important question because it can affect a lot of people in your home. For example, if you have a shower unit that heats the water and can be turned on and off at the wall, there is a pressurized unit within it. However, if your shower runs off the main and a hot water tank, you could add a little something extra to boost the water pressure. Having the water run off the main and the water tank can be a massive inconvenience at times, especially if a lot of people need to use the shower, but some extra water pressure can help everyone to speed up, making the water last longer.

5. Change your extras

There are always little added extras in the bathroom that we don’t think about, but that make a huge difference. The shower curtain and the mat on the floor are two examples of things that can be changed easily. The best thing about shower curtains is that the fabric ones can be washed and reused rather than the plastic ones which need to be replaced every few months. The same can be said about bathmats. If they are regularly changed, they will last a lot longer, but it can be helpful to have more than one.

6. Scents and sprays

Sometimes all our bathroom needs is a good cleaning and maybe a fresh coat of paint to help it to look as good as new. And nothing makes a room feel new than that fresh paint smell. But how can you make your bathroom feel new longer? By keeping it fresh and scented. Reed diffusers are a great way to keep the bathroom smelling great, although scented candles do seem to be a favorite. The problem with candles is they can be a fire hazard if you have small children. And don’t forget, there are an abundance of room sprays available that can be kept in the bathroom for those whiffy moments.

Updating your bathroom can be as big as upcycling an old bathroom suite to as small as keeping using a scented oil. Whatever direction you choose to go, make sure it works for you and your family. You may be surprised by how it turns out.

Additonal ways to change the sytle of the powder room, guest bathroom, half bathroom or tiny bathroom:

  • Change the color palette. This could be as simple as adding new towels or rugs
  • If you don’t need the storage, replace a bulky sink with a pedestal sink, built-in sink or a floating vanity that will open up extra floor space.
  • Change the light fixtures. Good lighting is essential in a bathroom. This is the perfect opportunity to add a touch of whimsy by adding a pendant light.
  • Paint one accent wall or change the overall paint color
  • Add pretty wallpaper to one wall
  • Replace the vanity mirror iwth a contemporary mirror or a round mirror.
  • Add a board and batten wall.
  • Change the wall color to a dark color to create luxurious powder room.
  • If you are up for a bigger project, replace the bathroom door with a pocket door. You will be amazed how this can improve the feel of tiny spaces.


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