Window Installation: The Guide to the Process & Repairs

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Are you looking for a window installation? Here you’ll find a guide to the process and repairs, and should you consider DIY.

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Despite all the reliability and durability of plastic windows, sometimes they need repairs. There are enough companies for window installation in New York, but if you still want to make repairs yourself, you should be patient and go to the store.

Are you looking for a window installation?  Here you'll find a guide to the process and repairs, and should you consider DIY.

The Toolbox Your Window Installation Requires

You need special equipment to install windows. In this article, we will tell you about them in detail.

If you decide to repair and adjust the product yourself, make sure you have high-quality tools for your work.

A minimum set of tools for self-adjustment and repair of PVC, wood, or aluminum windows:

This list can be expanded by more professional and specialized tools used by construction workers:

A hex key

The key for the adjustment of fittings. The size of the key is 4 mm. Used to adjust the hinges on the frame and sash. Adjust the strength of the sash to the frame in some types of fittings.

The simplest version of such a tool is the usual furniture wrench. And the size wrench of 3 mm is used for the adjustment of fittings.

A set of “star wrenches“

It’s a sprocket key you need when the time comes to adjust the hardware and adjust the strength of pressing the sash to the frame (winter/summer position) in some types of fittings.

Flathead screwdriver

Used for a large type of repair work. Moving hooks, loosening or strengthening anchors, removing and installing fittings, handles, and additional elements. With a large number of items to be repaired, the use of a screwdriver will save a lot of time, while the use of a screwdriver is reduced to a minimum and only in hard-to-reach and specific places.


Like screwdrivers, it is used in many places. Adjusting the sash hold-down in some types of fittings. Removing the pin of the upper hinge in the window. A universal and necessary tool for repairs.


Cleaning and lubrication of fittings allow you to keep the performance of your product for a much longer period than the manufacturer’s warranty. It is for hardware lubrication that a grease gun or similar tool is used.


Used to cut rubber seals. That’s pretty much all, though every homeowner knows that scissors have a thousand and one applications.

More professional tools

  • Unpacking spatula

The tool is used when installing, replacing, or removing glass or glazing units. An indispensable tool when installing spacers is to adjust the geometry of the sash by unpacking.

  • Handle for hinge removal (Mounting Handle)

Specialized tool for removing the hinge pin from various types of hardware.

  • Dead-blow hammer

A staple hammer. This is a hammer with rubber or plastic nozzles. It is used as a glazing bead installation tool for fixing insulating glass units in a window or door.

  • Special knife or chisel

The main use of this tool in the field of repair is the quality removal of glazing beads in window constructions.

Tip: It is best not to do the work yourself using a high-quality set of professional tools.

Most Common Window Installation Mistakes

Consider the most common problems faced by owners of plastic windows:

  1. Fogging of the windows. This usually occurs when a low-quality insulating glass unit is used. However, this is not the only reason. Glasses can also fog up because of the use of a bad sealant;
  2. Frame deflection. Buyers who did not choose the amplifier correctly, or the amplifier was not used at all, encounter such malfunction;
  3. Blowing and drafts. Such malfunction is usually the result of leaky clamping of the opening and fixed parts. This occurs if the structure has not been cared for properly or if it has not been used properly;
  4. Cracks. They usually appear on the glass. This can also occur due to the shrinkage of the insulating glass unit and due to mechanical effects;
  5. Sagging of the sashes or falling out. In such a situation, when you turn the handle on an open window, the opening part will simply fall out;
  6. Problems with the locking mechanism. Quality hardware is designed for at least 20,000 cycles;
  7. Water accumulation in the gutter. This is a consequence of unprofessional installation if the seams were not sealed enough.

Features of window repair

In the case of fogging the windows, there is no need to repair the plastic windows.

Why? Because it is necessary to completely replace the glass and install a new, good one. To resort to any other measures is simply unwise because they will not help.

If there are cracks, you will have to install a new insulating glass unit. Some buyers mistakenly believe that this requires the removal of the entire window unit. But everything is much simpler.

Repair of plastic windows in case of sagging or falling out consists of the fact that the blocker of erroneous action is turned off and the handle is set in an upright position. If you do not make such repairs in time, there will be more serious problems. Most likely, you will have to completely replace several parts.

How do I take care of my new windows?

To deal with the malfunction of plastic windows as rarely as possible, you should heed these tips:

  • Periodically clean contaminants in the system. It is important to clean the windows, sills, window sill, and frame. Drainage holes should be cleaned particularly carefully.
  • Monitor the condition of the hardware. All moving elements should be lubricated. Only acid-free products are suitable for this purpose.
  • The sealing rubber must be washed and dried periodically and a special lubricant must be applied.

Other things to consider for window installation

  • Do you need replacements or can they be repaired
  • What kind of window frames would you like to have
  • Do you feel comfortable doing it yourself or would you rather hire professional window installers?
  • What is the average cost of the window?
  • What is the cost of labor?
  • What are the installation costs?
  • Do you want a specific window brand?
  • Do you need an awning?
  • Are you using existing frames or replacing those too?
  • Does the window come with a lifetime warranty?
  • What is your window size, is it odd or unique?
  • What kind of insulation do you want for your home?

By breaking some of these questions down you might be able to save window replacement costs by purchasing your own replacement windows and just paying labor costs.

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Window Type for Installation

  • bow window
  • egress windows
  • double pane windows
  • single pane windows
  • vinyl windows
  • storm window
  • wood windows
  • Bay window
  • composite windows
  • double-hung windows
  • single-hung windows
  • fiberglass windows
  • casement window

The Final Word

Operate your plastic windows properly. Get professional help when needed promptly (there are enough companies for window installation to fix your windows). We recommend routine window maintenance every six months.

Are you looking for a window installation?  Here you'll find a guide to the process and repairs, and should you consider DIY.

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