9 Tips To Spice Up Your Organic Modern Living Room

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Are you looking to create an organic modern living room? Finding affordable as well as fashionable and functioning living space items for a place like Pennsylvania is tough but not impossible. In order to stand out from the basic crowd of the city, you need certain things to add to your organic modern living room to make it more glamorous and out of the box.

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In order to stand out you need certain things to add to your organic modern living room to make it more glamorous and out of the box.

Here are your 9 tips for an organic modern living room

Monochromatic palette

To fit perfectly into the Penn style without being boring is to inculcate the monochromatic look with just a splash of color. The monochromatic palette gives your living space a chic style and to make the place from looking cold you can add abstract wall paintings or even colorful throw pillows on the sofa.

The monochromatic look also can be spiced up by using colors from all the shades of the palette, for instance, if you’re choosing to go with purple, you can start with lilac walls and then move to pastel purple and then to the bright in-your-face shade of the color. To make the room feel cozier, you could make your own DIY coasters and add a little bit of contrast to the room.

Floating furniture

Floating furniture is the best way to give the illusion of more space to your living room along with being a modern practice. To give the place a more balanced look, you can put a center run on the floor and place the floating furniture around it with a table sitting on top of it. You can use black sofas as the floating furniture and even floating shelves to add keepsakes on them instead of a full-blown shelf.

Contrast is the key

To stand out from those boring and regular living rooms that you might find in basic houses, you can go with a contrasting color theme. If you choose to go with light colors for the walls like white, beige, or even creme; then you should definitely stick to picking out dark-themed furniture. Going with light-colored walls will also come in handy with the natural light. You can also add greenhouse plants alongside the light-colored walls and rugs with abstract patterns on them.

Black walls

To add depth to the living room, you can go with black walls. To make the room perfect, add a geometric dark and light-colored rug along with a glass table. Stark white cabinets look the best with this theme along with leather or even fluffed out sofas and armchairs. To make the black room functional, do not forget to add bright, over-the-top lights so that the space does not feel cramped up.

Texture, color, and patterns

One thing that takes the boring out of room decoration is playing with texture. There is no hard and fast rule about not mixing up texture and patterns. It is true that overdoing it might bring out the messy side of the room, but if you get the right pattern paired up with the right texture, you will most definitely have the best visually appealing living room. Layering rugs on rugs with different textures will work best if you’re going for a cozy room. You can also go with a wooden table along with leather sofas and loveseats to make your living room more extravagant.

Sectional sofa

The sectional sofa gives the perfect minimalistic vibes along with being functional. If you want to maximize seating in the living room, it is best to keep an “L” shaped sofa. To add more splash in the living room, you can pair the sofa up with Round marble tables and plush loveseats. Throw pillows and blankets works best with a sectional sofa as it is more often than not used for relaxing. If you’re wanting to avoid a couch altogether you can create a lovely couchless space that creates a whole different feel.

Open space

This might look a little out there, but picture this: You have guests over for a party and there is no space to walk around in the living room as it is filled with furniture. In this case, you can go with an open space living room. You can keep the sofa, love seats, armchair, tables, and whatever you need in the room in a corner and arrange it in such a way that when you need a place to relax, you will be able to go in the corner and do just that; but when you need to have a party, there will be no major adjustment needed to be done for the room.


Ottoman has multiple functionalities. Instead of going with the regular wooden, marble, or glass tables for the living room, you can choose an ottoman. When in need of serving things, you can just add a glass top for balance and stability and when it is not used for serving, it can be used as seating furniture. This will help you make use of furniture for multiple purposes without sacrificing comfort.


Lighting is a key element for all living spaces. However hard you have worked towards perfecting your living room, it can go to complete disaster if you did choose the correct lighting for it. The smart lighting feature should be a go-to as it matched all the toned along with basic LED lights. Ceiling lights definitely amp up the living room. Small embedded light in the ceiling might not seem big individually, but when switched on together, it distributes the light evenly making your room glow. 

Future maintenance and safety tips for your living room Safety is the most important part of the house. Make sure that your living room is safe from hazards and is covered in insurance for your Pennsylvania home. Some of the basic safety tips are that make sure all the appliances are in working condition, especially the smoke detector. If you have a television in your living room, make sure there is sufficient air space around it.

Insurance is vital for living spaces. It makes sure that you are covered financially in case of any damage happening to your household and will help you monetarily in the long run. The insurance plan will help you pay for medical emergencies happening due to natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, and even occupational hazards.

Bottom Line

Just because you have a decorated living room does not mean you can skip making it the best place to hang out in. Paring up style and function without making the room crowded should be a priority while making an organic modern living room.

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In order to stand out you need certain things to add to your organic modern living room to make it more glamorous and out of the box.

Other Design Tips

  • Earthy tones
  • Rustic elements
  • Loads of texture
  • Sleek lines
  • Simple silhouettes
  • Perfect furniture
  • Stone countertops
  • Earthy colors
  • Brick fireplace
  • Wood tones
  • Lush greenery
  • Cool blues
  • Warm neutrals
  • Vintage pieces
  • Glass doors
  • Organic modern decor
  • Wood accents
  • Neutrals tones
  • Accent chairs
  • Olive tree
  • Neutral tones
  • Organic materials
  • Coffee table
  • Natural textures
  • Organic elements
  • Natural elements

Other ideas You Could Do

In the family room, you could add some more neutral colors, some organic shapes, and Natural tones it will add natural beauty and it will add a breath of fresh air.

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