The Amazing and Easy Way To Celebrate Mindful Moments

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You all are amazing! I’m so grateful for all of you and thank you so much for your input. Here is the first post which I’m calling today’s post Mindful Moments!

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Today’s post will share a story, dynamite deals that are happening, and some other superstar Saturday moments with you. Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Celebrate Mindful Moments

Celebrate Mindful Moments

While going through breast cancer treatment I was told to think of 3 things I am grateful for every day. What I learned from this is that it doesn’t have to be something big and monumental.

What is an example of mindful?

I would travel to see my best friend once a year. She would ask me what I wanted to do when I visited. One thing I told her was that I wanted to drink a cup of coffee while it was hot. She of course laughed at this. My reason behind this is that every day I would pour myself a cup of coffee, then I would set it down, make the kids breakfast, fix their lunches, etc. By the time I picked up my coffee again to drink it, it was cold. Hense – I want to drink a cup of coffee while it’s hot. Somedays this is just something I’m grateful for.

What are you grateful for? Please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear.

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Mindful Moments Features


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What are mindful moments?

  • Taking time for yourself
  • Being present and in the moment
  • Doing something you like
  • Acknowledging how you’re feeling right now
  • Clearing your mind.

What are the 3 mindful practices?

  • Meditation
  • Walking or moving outdoors
  • Yoga and stretching

Why is it good to be mindful?

In today’s busy world sometimes we are in a constant state of thinking ahead, being mindful brings you to the here and now, present in the moment. Being mindful can reduce stress and anxiety. It can be helpful to notice things we’re grateful for.

I'm so grateful for all of you and thank you so much for your input. Here is the first post which I'm calling today's post Mindful Moments!

Thanks for reading all of the ways through, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and anything else you’d like to share.

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  1. Mindful moments, that is a perfect series. I laughed out load at the hot coffee, how many moms or women think the same? I think it is universal, you just get your drink ready and something comes up.
    Thinking and writing three things to be grateful for is always a good idea. It helps even when you are not going through treatment. How wonderful that someone suggest it to your at such a challenging time in your life.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. You are so very sweet Elizabeth and I’m so happy to know that I’m not alone in the wanting to drink coffee while it’s hot 😉

  2. A great series. I laughed with the hot coffee. I remember my mom saying the same thing about her tea.

    When I got older I made her tea. She was so happy.

    I’m grateful for the little things that make me laugh

    1. Thank you so much Cindy, and thanks for sharing the wonderful memory of your mom. I LOVE that you are grateful for laughter, such a good one!

  3. “Mindful Moments” What a great name for your new series. Something a lot of us don’t really think about in the hustle and bustle of our daily life. I need to remind myself to work on that.
    I’m with you on the hot coffee! I won’t drink it any other way. I would get up earlier to have my coffee or after everyone was out the door.
    I’m grateful that I can watch the birds at the feeders. I love birds and seeing how beautiful they all are. What a blessing!
    I’m truly glad you added this segment, thank you.
    God bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl, and I’m thrilled you like the new segment 🙂 Thank you for sharing what you’re grateful for, love watching the birds too. Hugs to you!

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