Juicing Apples for Cider, It’s Amazingly Easy and Delicious

Hi! I'm Chas and I love apple cider but do not like the added sugar!  Juicing you own apples is so easy and tasty you don't need more sugar!.

Chas' Crazy Creations

Gather Supplies

You need apples and either a juicer or a blender. Different varieties will give you different flavors so get the apples you like best.

Prep Apples

With an electric juicer, you can stick the whole apple inside  I like to at least cut them in half to prevent them from sticking. For a blender you’ll  want to remove the core from the center and maybe the peel.


Place some apples in the juicer, place the lid on the top, turn the juicer on, and press lightly on the lid. The apples are pulled apart super fast, and the juice dispenses.


If you’re using a blender, simply place your peeled and cored apples in your blender and turn it on. You might want to add a little water to help with the process of blending.

Filter If Wanted:

If you want to filter it more, place a strainer over your glass, and pour the juice through it.