How to Choose Wall Art:  An Easy Guide

Hi! I'm Chas and I love decorating my home on a budget. 


Consider Color Scheme

What is the color scheme of your room?  Observe the entire room.  What colors dominate the room? What shades and tones are featured in the furniture, decor items, and curtains?


Consider the Mood You Want

Art can play a huge role in the atmosphere of your room. What do you want the mood to be in your space?  That should inform the kind of art you choose.


Consider  the Style of Art

Do you gravitate towards modern decor or maybe Farmhouse? Choosing the style of artwork based on your personal preferences will help you choose art you will love.


Consider Size &  Placement

There are rules for artwork placement and size and it often depends on which room you're decorating.  For example, dining room art can be placed a little lower because you're sitting down there. 


Custom  Canvas Art  Is Always a Great Idea

You can be sure the art matches your space and is something you love.  While it may take longer to get, it can be worth it for custom canvas art.