Chas' Crazy Creations

Beautiful and Easy DIY Painted Side Table

I found this side table at a garage sale for just $5 and decided to upcycle it!


Gather Materials

Table Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint Folk Art Wood Tint Black & Decker Orbital Sander Paint Brush


Sand  the Table

The sheen of the paint they used was shiny and cracking so I took a sanding block and roughed it up so I could get ready to paint it.


Sand the  Top Bare

I decided to stain the table top so I sanded it down to bare wood. 


Clean  the Table

Clean the whole table well. I use Krud Cutter. Anything left on the table will show once painted. 


Paint the Legs

I gave it one full coat and let it dry according to the bottle’s instructions and then gave the whole thing a second coat of paint.


Stain the Top

I let the wood tint sit for a couple of minutes and then I came back with a dry rag, wiped off the excess, then let it dry.


Add Top Coat

I used folk art home decor varnish to add a protective coat to the top.


Time  to Glaze

I started with Folk Art glazing medium and mixed in Folk Art Home Decor chalk paint in the color Partisan Gray following the instructions on the back of the glazing bottle.

Start this process by painting the glaze.  You want to work in small areas.  Then wipe it off with a damp cloth or baby wipe.