Chas' Crazy Creations

Awesome and Easy DIY Solar Light Post


Gather  Materials

– broom handle – 4 photo frames – solar lights – 2 pieces square scrap wood – paint – mod podge – pool noodle – hot glue gun – gaffers tape – plant hangers – Fix All, or Adhesive of your choice


Paint  the Scraps  of Wood

I painted each of the scraps of wood black.


Glue the  Glass to  the Frames

I used my Xyron self loading glue gun to glue the glass to the frame so that it all stays in place.   I repeated this process for all four frames.


Glue the  the Frames Together

I’m going to be using fix-all adhesive to glue all the frames together.  I’m going to place them on end and add some glue and adhere them together. It’ll take about 24 hours for this to set. 


Weatherproof the Black Wood Pieces

Paint both of the black pieces of wood with outdoor mod podge to seal and protect them from the elements. It goes on white and dries clear.


Glue One Piece of Wood to Frames

While that's drying, pull the top of the solar light off  of the base and the broom stick off of the broom. 


Glue Solar Light to Inside Center

Glue to solar light to the bottom in this center of the frames. 


Glue Top Piece of Wood

This will close up the box around the solar light. I used fix-all glue.


Cut and Prep Pool Noodle

While all of that’s drying I’m going to measure my Gaffers tape against a pool noodle.  I will cut the pool noodle to that size and wrap the piece in Gaffers tape.  I also put a little piece on the top as well.


Assemble the Solar Light Post

Put your flower pot upside down so the bottom hole is facing up and then place the broom stick inside. Add the pool noodle to the top of the stick


Glue the Light Box to the Light Post

I placed my box with the solar light on top of the pool noodle with glue and held it in place until it cooled. 

Look how cool these look!