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My blog is about creating crazy creations – crafting, baking, cleaning, organizing, etc.

I’m Chas, the crazy creator and you can learn more about me here   – I’m a a little kooky, a kid at heart, wife, mom of 2 kids, dance director & teacher, DIY Facebook Live Host, DIY Video Creator, & Hometalk Helper, and typo queen! I love my family, crafting, organizing, teaching, being outside, watching movies … the list goes on and on. I’m a HUGE Hometalk supporter and fan, and one of my creative outlets is to DIY.

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You can find my latest blog posts here, recipes here, DIY’s here, cleaning and organizing tips here.  I’m brand new to this so thank you for your patience in advance, and I appreciate any support, tips, and help along the way!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!