DIY Concrete Easter Eggs Tutorial

Step 1:

Gather Supplies:

– Plastic Eggs – Concrete – Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint – Cooking Oil Spray – Gaffers Tape – Wood burning tool – Paintbrush

Step 2:

Prep the Eggs

Prep the outside by plugging any holes with hot glue.

Prep the inside by coating it with avocado oil or cooking spray with a brush.

Step 3:

Tape the Eggs Together

Step 4:

Add a Hole

You can add the hole any way you'd like but I used this cool wood burning tool from Plaid.

Step 5:

Mix the Concrete

Looking for a milk shake consistency

Step 6:

Fill the Egg with Concrete

Tap it down along the way to clear air bubbles.

Let the concrete set up.

Step 7:

Remove the Plastic Egg

Tip: use your thumbs to push down on the concrete through the hole.

This is what they look like.

You can wet your hand and smooth the edges if slightly still wet or sand them if totally dry.

Optional final step:

Paint your  concrete eggs!

Style & Enjoy!

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