Easy Dollar Tree DIY Solar Lantern

Hi! I'm Chas and I love creating home decor DIYs on a budget. 


Gather  Materials

– Dollar store bucket – Dollar store rocks in any color you prefer – A glass vase – Faux flowers – Ribbon (I chose burlap ribbon) – Solar light


Glue On Decorative  Rocks

I start by adding a little bit of hot glue to the back of each of the dollar store rocks and placing them on the glass vase. 


Add rocks to the Inside

I’m grabbing a couple of handfuls of the dollar store rocks and placing them into the bottom of the vase.


Add a Solar  Light

Separate a dollar store solar light from the base and place it in the vase and push it down into the rocks so that it stands upright.


Glue Vase to the Bucket

Take the dollar store bucket, turned upside down, and glue the vase onto it. 


Add  Decorative Accents

You can ribbon and faux flowers or other accents.