Easy and Awesome Bunny Wreath

Chas' Crazy Creations

This adorable bunny hat is super easy to make.

You'll need these items:

hat, felt, ribbon, faux flowers,  & a glue gun

Cut Bunny Ears


You’ll need to either cut some white felt bunny ears or cut the ears off of a felt bunny instead.

Glue ears to hat


Use your glue gun to glue the ears to the hat.

Add ribbon

Wrap the ribbon around the hat to measure it and cut it to size. Glue it down. 


Glue flowers


Pull the faux flowers off of the stems and glue them down around the bunny ears.

Add the face

If you have pre-cut pieces you can use those or cut felt pieces for the face. You could also make the bunny face using markers, buttons, or anything you like.


Add any accessories you'd. like & hang your wreath!