Tea Cup & Mug Exchange Reveal – Spring

Tea Cup & Mug Exchange Reveal – Spring
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My daughter and I have participated in a bi-annual tea cup and mug exchange for a while now.  I ran across it myself in a blog, and it lead me to the wonderful lady, Stephanie, who leads it on her blog The Enchanting Rose

How it works – you sign up for to exchange a tea cup, mug, or both and she pairs you up.  When I say pairs you up, I mean she reads every entry and looks for similarities with who she puts you with – there is no random selection thing going on here.  Not only does she pair you up with a specific person to give your items to, she pairs you up with a different person to receive your items from.  Therefore as she says – you make 2 friends in the process of giving once.

All you are required to do is give your tea cup/mug, 1 item to drink (coffee/tea/hot chocolate, etc), and one other item of your choice.  From my experience, everyone generally goes above and beyond because they are having so much fun with it.

This was the 12th tea cup & mug exchange and had over 200 participants world wide!

My daughter and I both sent ours off – Mine to Pennsylvania, and my daughter’s to Arizona

*You do not have to have a blog to participate.

Here is what we received…

Mine traveled to me from a wonderful woman named Janice (Hi Janice!) in Washington.

Boy did my new friend spoil me rotten!  She got me all kinds of treats.  The coffee was locally roasted and delicious, and the salmon like most items in my box were locally sourced.

I not only got one mug but 2 and 2 lovely coasters.  So cute!

Janice also made me these lovely eggs and shell (you know how I love homemade things).

I also got a wonderful towel, soap, and a beautiful sun catcher that just happens to be my husband and my favorite colors.   The tissue name still cracks me up – swankie hankie – love that name.

I’m looking forward to putting a lot of this up at our little mountain condo retreat.  It’ll fit in so nicely.  Thank you so much to my new friend Janice!

Here is my daughter’s box from her new friend.

She opted for a tea cup and how lovely this one is.  Her favorite color is blue and it is just beautiful.  She also received a cd of music that was sung by her new friend’s family.  The chocolate and peppermint tea is one of her favorites as well.  She also received a cute butterfly necklace and a stand for her teacup and saucer.  What a wonderful gift from a new friend.

Such an amazing event and opportunity to build community and friendships!  I truly love this event and look forward to it 2 times a year!!!

If this is something that interests you – just sign up for Stephanie’s blog and watch for the next one.  It’ll be this fall…  The Enchanting Rose.  Stephanie also has an amazing store of homemade sewn items like coasters, tea bag wallets, pot holders, hand towels, etc.  You can find her shop here:  Rose Petal Blessings

A special thank you to my dear friend Stephanie for putting this event together!  Hugs!

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Comments (12)

  • Oooh, what a lovely tea cup your daughter received! It’s so delicate and dainty. And your package from Janice is simply lovely! What a sweetheart to include TWO mugs {{smiles}} Everything you and your daughter received is beautiful, my friend. Thanks for joining the fun.

    Hugs to you! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

    • Thank you so much Stephanie for hosting such a wonderful event for all of us. So many smiles and friendships are created through this wonderful opportunity! Hugs back my friend

  • Great packages you and your daughter received! This swap has been such fun for me, and I especially enjoyed getting to know you through it. Thank you again. 🙂

    • I very much agree and I love all this exchange stands for. It was so fun putting your package together! I’m glad to make a new friend and glad you enjoyed your package.

  • Lovely gifts for you both. I have so much fun participating in the exchanges. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  • Two nice packages. I’m glad you and your daughter got to participate. Enjoy your things. 🙂

  • What great packages. It’s always fun to receive items that are unique to the giver’s hometown.

  • Wonderful gifts you have both received!
    Great idea putting some of your treasures in your mountain condo.
    How sweet that you received two mugs. :}
    Your daughter’s teacup is lovely and I bet her new CD is delightful?

    Beautiful post ~

    • Thanks Debra, I am so excited to bring some of this to our mountain condo 🙂 We are very fortunate, and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity and event. Your daughter is amazing for putting this together.


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