Upcycled Jar to Glittery Ghost
I love repurposing, recycling, upcycling, etc. I found this little jar and there were so many ideas floating through my head as to what it could be come.  I finally decided with Halloween (one of my favorite Holidays) coming that it just needed to become a glittery ghost.… (22 comments)

Easy Front Porch and Fall Decor
As we transition from summer to fall sometimes it can be hard to decide what to put up on your porch or in your home. I took some jars, beans, and popcorn kernels, and made a simple and inexpensive display to put in your home or on your porch.… (10 comments)

Firefly In A Jar
Growing up in Minnesota we used to catch fireflies in the evenings. It was such a magical experience to run around with them. We would catch them, put them in a mason jar, watch them, and then release them. I wanted to create something to have in my home during the summer that could capture that memory.… (13 comments)

Patriotic Mason Jars – so Many Uses!
Mason Jars!!! There are so many uses for them, the possibilities are endless. You could use recycled jars for this project or I found these jars at Dollar Tree. This is a simple and inexpensive project that leads to so many uses and great for holidays!… (9 comments)