To Grandma’s House We Go Link Party 118
Christmas is almost here - are you ready?  There are things I am ready for and things I still have yet to do.  I'm ready to slow down and have winter break with my kids.  I don't have all my presents wrapped, food bought, cookies made, etc.  How about you?  Where are you all at?… (1 comment)

To Grandma’s House We Go Link Party 117
I'm excited for this weekend!  I'm volunteering in Grand Lake Colorado for an event called Secret Santa.  It's an event where families in need can come and pick out donated gifts to give to their families this holiday season.  I am making crafts with the kids that attend and a huge thank you to Plaid for sponsoring me during this event!  I'll be there Friday and Saturday 10-3pm and we are expecting around 300 kids to attend.  Are you doing any volunteering this season or helping with a special activity or event?… (4 comments)

To Grandma’s House We Go Link Party 116
4 Nutcracker Shows - DONE!  Whew.  Now onto all the rest of the holiday crazies right?  We have 3 get togethers in the next week so it doesn't even slow down at all.  How about you?  I think I'll be lucky if I get my presents wrapped and my cookies made.  … (4 comments)

To Grandma’s House We go Link Party 115
I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm in the heat of directing 4 Nutcracker shows!  It's a super exciting and stressful all at the same time.  Have you ever been to the Nutcracker?  What were your favorite parts?  If you are close to Fort Collins, Colorado - I'd love to have you come see ours :)… (6 comments)