Fitfirst Christmas Light Projector

Fitfirst Christmas Light Projector
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Hi Everyone!  Today I’m sharing my my review of my Fitfirst Christmas Light Projector.  We used to climb on our roof to put up lights every year and my husband and I both discovered we really didn’t like doing it, all the time it took, and taking them down in the cold weather was terrible.  I have been looking at these new light projectors for a while and I thought I would share my thoughts on this one with you.

Mine came in a box like this.

Inside you’ll receive all of these parts.

The instructions were okay, and it was easy enough to put together.  I ended up doing it in my own order as that is what worked easier for me.  You do need a screw driver.  It comes with a stake to put it into the ground, or you can mount it up on a ceiling or somewhere else.  The head does rotate up and down so that you can angle your light to point in different directions after you have it in place.

Here is the front of the light.  The left side is where the slides with the images go, and the right side gives the angled effect with the light.

This is the remote that comes with it, and wow was I impressed with all of the options you have for this projector!  You can make your images on the slides flash or be steady, you can have the image with light in the back ground or just the image alone, you can chose if you want the image to move around (like floating snowflakes) or be stationary, you can pick the colors to cycle between all the colors – have colors blend – one solid color, or no color.  You can turn it on/off and it also comes with a timer option for it to be on 2, 4, or 6 hours.

It boasts waterproof for outdoor use as well as it can be used for indoor use.

The images are pretty clear both close up and further away.

There are 4 images on each slide, and there are 12 slides total.  They represent many holidays as well as some special occasions like birthdays.

Overall, I’m really excited to use this holiday projector.  I love all of it’s features and am excited for all the extra slides so that it can be used year around for so many occasions.

I received this item from Fitlife in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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