Pouring Teapot & Tea Cup
I originally made a pouring teapot and tea cup display for my yard.  I decided to challenge myself to a little upgrade for it with a challenge from Hometalk and the inspiration from a Hometalk post you can find here.… (24 comments)

Simple Indoor/Outdoor Fire Bowl
I'm going to show you 2 fire bowls.  Both can be used inside or outside.  Several options to suit everyone's needs.  It can safely put off heat, add ambiance, is great for survival emergencies like power outages, and is inexpensive to make.… (16 comments)

Candle Holder to Traveling Solar Holder
We always bring solar lights with us when we camp. The ground is sometimes very hard and I end up breaking the plastic stake that comes with the solar light. This is exactly what happened to me on our camping trip. While in town sightseeing, I spotted a thrift store and found these candle holders...… (2 comments)