Updating a Built In Entertainment Center
When we bought our home, it came with a built in entertainment center. We were very excited about this. Now as the years have passed and the shapes of TV’s have changed, we were left with a big mess in the cabinets, and a huge hole in the center. It was time to give this built in entertainment center a face lift!… (18 comments)

Upcycling A Serving Tray
I found a serving tray at the thrift store and I couldn't wait to bring it home and give it new life! This little tray is so handy for so many different things and I can't wait to show you how it turned out. … (10 comments)

Turning an Heirloom Into a Lamp
I inherited an old silver clarinet from my grandparents. Before starting on the project we checked the value and it wasn't worth anything and it was too far gone to be repaired. I knew I wanted to do something with it rather than letting it sit in it's case and never be seen. I decided to turn it into a lamp!… (9 comments)