WD-40 Hacks to the rescue!
My dad owns a body shop and he was the first person who introduced me to WD-40.  He told me how it could be used for so many things. I thought I would share a few ways I use it with you...… (23 comments)

DIY Bug Repellents & Traps
Aren't bugs such a pain?!!! They are in our gardens, in our house, make it difficult to be outside... they're everywhere. I wanted to share a few DIY bug repellents and traps that I use in and out of our home.… (16 comments)

DIY Household Cleaners With Citrus
I have also been working hard doing the research on eliminating chemicals in my home. Not everyone likes the smell of vinegar and I have come up with a way to use citrus in your home that helps cut the smell, or you can use instead to make some DIY household cleaners.… (10 comments)