Easy Front Porch Fall Decor
I would say I'm a seasonal decorator.  It's a really easy way to change up what your home looks like without a ton of expense.  As I gear up for fall (one of my favorites), I have a collection of items I bring out for 3 months.  I figure I have this fall stuff, I should bring it out Sept-Nov at least.  I will bring out some accents for Halloween but if it's a pumpkin, leaves, etc - it's out for all 3!  I like to look at the stuff I have and ponder how I could make it different to fit the season.  I have seen people decorate with mum which I love and with pumpkin buckets.  I just wanted my pumpkin bucket to look a little more real and as you'll see in the end it'll work great for Halloween too!… (0 comment)

Easy and Beautiful Fall Candle
Making this fall candle is easy and inexpensive. I made this project years ago and get so excited to bring it back every fall. I also love the way when the season is done that it packs away nicely. … (16 comments)

Personalized Gift That Keeps Giving
This quick, easy, and inexpensive gift is just in time for Grandparent's Day in September. It could also be used as a gift for any holiday, and you can personalize it for any occasion or person.…

Welcome – What Crazy Creation Am I Making Today?
Hi, I'm Chas - I'm in Fort Collins Colorado, wife, mom of 2 kids, dance director, and Hometalk Facebook Live Regular & Hometalk Helper (both of which I'm super excited about)! I love my family, crafting, organizing, teaching, being outside, watching movies,  ... the list goes on and on.…