Fixing Vintage Jewlery – Subscriber Exclusive!

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Hi To My Wonderful Subscriber Family!

Thank you again for being a subscriber – your support means SO very much to me!  Today is another FREE FRIDAY exclusive for my subscribers.

Even vintage jewelry needs a face lift once and awhile. My daughter saw this vintage pin at a thrift shop. She knew I would be able to fix it. She decided to buy it and gave it to me for Christmas.
I loved the pin from the moment I opened it. My daughter and I are both dancers. My daughter especially loved the way it said “Mother” on it. I started to fix it, but realized there might be a few others out there that might be interested in the post as well – so I thought I would share. This piece was originally gold & blue, and both colors had worn off in several places. I covered the mother of pearl “mother” with some painter’s tape.

I sprayed the pin with Rust-oleum Silver Metal spray

I sprayed the back first, let it dry, and then I sprayed the front.

I painted the dancer’s dress with blue nail polish.
I am happy with the way it turned out. My daughter was very excited to see the pin all fixed up and ready to wear.

Thank you again for being a subscriber, I truly appreciate it!  If you know someone else who might light this – please share with them and ask them to become part of our subscriber family.

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