My Famous Hot Apple Cider Recipe! – Subscriber Exclusive!

My Famous Hot Apple Cider Recipe! – Subscriber Exclusive!
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Hi To My Wonderful Subscriber Family!

Thank you again for being a subscriber – your support means SO very much to me!  Today is another FREE FRIDAY exclusive for my subscribers.

Today I’m sharing my famous Hot Apple Cider recipe with you – it’s super easy!

The subscriber winner to the giveaway is Linda!  Congratulations, your gift is on it’s way.

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You will need the following:

An Urn or Crock-pot (you can use a pot on a stove but you’ll need to watch it close)

Apple Juice or Apple Cider of your choice – I use natural and no sugar added.

Cinnamon Sticks

Pour your apple juice/cider into your urn or crock-pot.

My poor urn is from the 60’s and has been well loved.

Add 1-2 cinnamon sticks

This one is an extra long one, I got it from Costco.

Cinnamon sticks can be expensive – but if you watch close you can get them from Dollar Tree occasionally, and they sell them for a pretty good deal on Amazon in bulk – here

Adjust amount of cider & cinnamon sticks to serve as many people as you like.

Let it brew a long while!!!  This is the true secret to my recipe – keep it simple and brew it long.

If you use a crock-pot let it go on High for 4 hours or Low for 8 hours and then switch to warm.  If you use an urn, let it go until the light turns on at minimum.  The longer you let it go the more the flavor.  The cinnamon seeps in the longer it brews.  You’ll notice the color of the apple juice/cider will turn darker in color as well.

If you are looking to “adult it up” a bit – add a little Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps or Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

I serve this up every Halloween night to parents and kids walking outside trick or treating.  Last year one girl told me that our house was “epic” and this year we were called “legendary” because of the cider.  I have kids come to the door every year saying – “yes, we’re at the cider house”.

I also serve it every holiday – so easy to keep going while company is here to help themselves.  I have been known to have it brewing most days during the winter as well.

You can find my pumpkin bar recipe here or my pumpkin muffin recipe here

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  • Oh my gosh! Your house must smell heavenly! I never thought of making it apple juice. That would be fun for my grandkids. Yum!

  • Good Morning Linda and yes, it does make the house smell good 🙂 Added bonus. My daughter loves coming home after school and filling her cup up while doing homework. I’m sure you’re grand kids would love it too.


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